Why IPR - Our IPR Strategy 

People first, Energy second, Services third. 

How can one commercialize problems? 

Every problem has a solution and it seems problems can only persist where there is no proximity between the problem and the solution. 

There also needs to be an environment for the solutions to be aligned with the problem in order to challenge the status quo. 




People have knowledge of problems, issues and challenges, they are also present at the locations where these problems, issues and challenges are located. This is a very powerful asset for a solution provider seeking to challenge the status quo. 


Nothing can work efficiently without energy. The lack of energy is directly relatable to the lack of development and as a result, without fixing the energy challenge, sustainable development to change the status quo simply will not work. 


Services manifest themselves via technology and this implies it will constantly run. It is inescapable that services deliver over technology are automated and efficient in creating jobs and trade. 


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